HCG Diet Direct Products Now Available at Rite Aid ::
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HCG Diet Direct Products Now Available at Rite Aid ::

HCG Diet Direct brand homeopathic HCG diet weight loss programs are now available through Rite Aid making the HCG diet program online even more accessible. Rite Aid offers the HCG Diet Direct 26-30 Day Diet Kit. The Diet kit is listed for $154.99 and is available for online purchase through the Rite Aid online store (www.riteaidonlinestore.com).

The HCG Diet Direct 26-30 Day Diet Kit includes:

1. The best selling HCG Diet Direct Recipe Guide
2. Ultimate Vitamin B (1 fl oz)
3. HCG Diet Direct weight loss formula (2 fl oz)
4. Maximum Metabolizer & Energy Formula (100 capsules)

Rite Aid provides free shipping on all orders. Consumers looking for information regarding the HCG diet online can also access general instructions for every product included in the kit, storage instructions, etc. Dieters who use the product are encouraged to leave reviews on Rite Aid for the use of prospective dieters considering the purchase.

Clint Ethington of HCG Diet Direct said, We\'re very excited that the HCG Diet Direct brand has made a name for itself and we\'re just as excited that additional outlets for purchase are making it easier than ever for dieters to access the maximum weight loss available through our products.

HCG Diet Direct\'s Homeopathic HCG diet weight loss program is the basis for a weight loss plan that can be used to achieve weight loss without invasive procedures and with no known HCG diet side effects. When dieters buy HCG they follow the included Dr approved protocol. Oral HCG drops are taken three times daily and paired with a careful eating plan. The results of the standard 26-30 day program can provide an average of weight of weight loss per day.

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