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Green tea may reduce postmenopausal bone loss, inflammation

As part of a low-calorie diet, sipping green tea can help the body burn fat and the stomach feel full. Now, a scientist at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center's Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health adds that drinking the beverage may reduce some of the physical ailments that accompany menopause.

Researcher Chwan-Li Shen recently stated that the polyphenols found in green tea appear to reduce inflammation in postmenopausal women, an effect which may in turn reduce their risk of bone loss.

Shen concluded as much after conducting a six-month clinical trial in which participants were given green tea-based polyphenols each day and encouraged to practice tai chi. The study's authors found that half a year of the meditative discipline, combined with the daily equivalent of four or five cups of unsweetened green tea, led to improvement in bone health.

Additionally, women who took the polyphenols had lower oxidative stress levels, indicating that the green tea may have prevented cellular damage caused by free radicals.

Those who already consume the drink as part of a heart-healthy eating regimen may be encouraged by this research to continue doing so.

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